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3610 C Factoria Blvd. SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
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M-Sat 6:30am-7:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Great Harvest Bellevue 18th Anniversary Party!

This weekend, April 24th-26th come help us celebrate 18 years of making great bread for the great people of Bellevue! We will be featuring prizes, contests, special sales, and more!

Expect to experience:

Free mini cookies for all to enjoy!

18% off our favorite breads, Honey Whole Wheat and Cinnamon Chip!

Every 18th customer wins 18 stamps on their mobile club card!

Can you guess how many wheat grains are in the jar? Chance to win fabulous prizes with a guess!

We love providing you with fresh, quality bread, treats, and sandwiches from scratch, and we have only been able to do so for this long because of your heartwarming loyalty and desire for nothing but the best. Now it's time for us to show you how much that means to us!

100% Whole Grain Breads:

Honey Whole Wheat


High Fiber & Cranberry High Fiber

Cinnamon Raisin Walnut

Raisin Whole Wheat

Hummus Bread

(plus many breads that are a mix of Whole Grain and Unbleached White flour, including our new Hearty Grains Sourdough!)

Whole Grain Sweets:

Most of our cookies are 100% Whole Grain (exceptions are Sugar Cookies and Ginger Snaps)

All of our muffins are 100% Whole Grain

All of our Cake Breads are 100% Whole Grain

All of our brownies, coffeecake, and fruit bars are 100% Whole Grain

Other 100% Whole Grain choices:

Groovy Granola

Pancake Mix

Cranberry Almond Oatmeal

Nine Grain Cereal

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

The bakers, sandwich makers & customer service staff at Factoria Great Harvest wish you a healthful & happy 2015!

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